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Skidmore College
Center for 领导, Teaching 和 Learning (CLTL)

领导, Teaching, 和 Learning

Resources for Faculty 和 Staff

Partnering with faculty, staff, 和 students to promote inclusive excellence

I wish my professor knew

I wish my professor knew

The CLTL's Student Advisory Council seeks to create productive interdisciplinary conversations between students, staff, 和 faculty. This T-shirt 和 video campaign, "I Wish My Professor(s) Knew," creates a visual starting point for such a dialogue.



In accordance with our liberal arts mission, Skidmore College’s Center for 领导, Teaching, 和 Learning (CLTL) partners with faculty, staff, 和 students on campus to promote excellence 和 innovation in teaching 和 学习 through inclusive, evidence-based, 和 student-centered practices.

任务 & 历史

Meet the CLTL Team

Programs 和 Goals

Programs 和 Goals

  • support faculty research 和 creative work;
  • support staff access to professional development opportunities;
  • further the creativity, collaboration, 和 professional renewal* among faculty at all stages of their teaching careers as they develop, refine, 和 reflect on their own distinctive practices;
  • stimulate an honest exchange of ideas about differing pedagogical practices 和 related student-学习 outcomes;
  • center diversity 和 inclusion principles as integral to best teaching practices; 和
  • encourage the evaluation 和 assessment of newly adopted approaches to teaching 和 学习.



What does effective teaching look like to you?

"I can never stress how important cultivating spaces where marginalized folk are listened to 和 respected is. There have been so many instances where I have felt silenced both academically 和 socially on campus. The spaces where I have experienced the most healing, radical truth-telling, 和 transformative 学习 were intentional in ensuring that marginalized voices are not only listened to but valued."


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